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The Nexatli Expedition

The Nexatli Expedition
is a metroidvania platformer
with GameBoy and early cinema aesthetics.

The famous explorer Joseph Silvester is departing for the Amazon rainforest in search of the legendary "Eye of Nexatli".

Little Kevin tags along and finds himself lost in the jungle.

Will he be able to return home safe and sound?

Drawn and coded by DarkStar
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Low-resolution pixel art augmented with modern graphic effects
The game runs on Unreal Engine 4 and leverages its capabilities to modernize gameboy-styled pixel art with transparencies, glow, distortions and more.
Freedom of exploration
The Nexatli Expedition is a metroidvania at heart but nobody is telling you where to go. Feel free to explore.
Built for platforming
Run, jump, skid and crawl as you would in a platform game. Timed jumps and stomping enemies will be of the essence to navigate the environment.

Latest news

A shader for spotlights

December 16, 2020
When it comes to graphics and aesthetics in a game I think they should both move over to let readability come forward. This is the reason why explosive barrels are red, no doubt about it. However, The Nexatli Expedition does not have the luxury of...
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Hiding secret passages in Paper2D

November 11, 2020
In a previous blog post I listed some useful approach methods when working with tilesets in UE4. Today I'll explain how tilemaps can also be used inside actors and can be manipulated like any other 3d object using blueprints. By design, tilemaps are...
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